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Friday, 27 January 2012

Three Fish

Over the past months I have admired many pieces of art – saying stuff like ‘Oh my gosh - that looks so hard to paint” & “No one paints on walls & ceilings like Michelangelo does”. I have also painted pieces which I’m not proud of and have started to educate myself more about painting – mainly from books that I have borrowed from the library - eventually I do want to take an art class  ! … but until then I will continue my personal research (e.g. trial & error).

I borrowed a book called “Acrylics workshop” by Phyllis McDowell, DK Publishing from the new Chatswood library. I examined the various techniques in this book - including how certain objects are sketched from different perspectives and how colors are used to build depth etc.. I found this book quite good as it is SIMPLE to follow and the paintings illustrated are great for practicing with ……. So I copied one of the artwork illustrated in this book and this is how it turned out:

Three Fish

Note that I used acrylic paint in “Three Fish” but the original artwork was painted in watercolor.

“Three Fish” is a bit different to my other practice pieces as I have been painting a lot of abstract stuff - generally I have been mucking around with new paint colors & brushes. I guess I got a little bit more serious with this one as I wanted to follow stricter painting rules e.g. which brush to use to give what result, use of glazing technique. I also focus hard on developing the form of the individual carps to make it resemble the original painting.

Overview of how I choose to paint “Three Fish”:

Painted background
Lightly sketched carp shape
Painted bottom left fish
Painted right fish
Painted top left fish

I showed the painting to 3 different people and asked them which fish they preferred most and funny enough they all like different ones!

One more thing…  “1001 paintings you must see before you die” by Stephen Farthing, is a great book to flip through. It’s like a painting dictionary! I wish it only came in A3 size??

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  1. Great work. art is something to have passion and you have to indulge with all your sense to create a masterpiece. well work

  2. Wow!I love your way of working and writing.Keep it up with spirit.