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Monday, 23 May 2011

Beginning To Paint

I have decided to do a bit of painting – this came to me while I was watching the movie “Never Let Me Go”. I have completed my first painting and I wish to share this painting and experience. I chose to start painting with Acrylics – as I’ve read it’s easy to use and if I wanted to I could add some water and do some watercolour painting as well … that’s if I get awesome.

So last week I went to eckersley’s in North Sydney and brought some real BASIC acrylic painting materials (see Note 1) to get me started:

1. acrylic painting pad, A4 size
2. pack of 5 acrylic paint tubs (with a bonus no. 2 paint brush!) (see Note 2)
3. set of assorted acrylic brushes
4. basic palette, and
5. a couple of painting knives

I didn’t want to purchase anything more hardcore than what I did at this stage, as I’m hoping to get familiar with the vast amount of art materials that is available out there so I can source them .…. online.

So this is how my first painting looks like:

Blended Dolphins (see Note 3)

With the help of the ‘Colour Mixing Guide’ - I wanted to use this piece to try out all the colours I have, so as you can see, this painting has all the basic colours in it!  I blended different colours together, creating dark and light sections using different strokes to develop a sense of what I like. I found I enjoyed painting with long strokes and blotches with my brush. I like creating different shades of colours to try and produce varying levels of depth. The black and white colours alone really stood out in my painting, which I am fond of, but since I’m unable to control how I work with my colours at this stage, I am going to use these two colours in moderation.

I will definitely be painting more in the coming weeks. I am hoping to do paint on canvas in a couple of months.

The Spinner

Note 1: All the painting materials that I bought were made by Reeves.
Note 2:This colour pack contains all the primary colours I needed to get started – Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Phthalo Blue, Brilliant Red and Mars Black.
Note 3: Naming a painting is interesting, almost like naming your child.


  1. Spinner...This is Awesome! I am a bit jealous as I have been wanting to do this for some time now but have never found the time. I have to admit after reading this I am inspired again!!! I will need to get my act into gear.

  2. Wow - that is really cool

  3. Really like it Chel, that's going to have to replace the chooks in the dining room. Man, I want to join your club!?

  4. Thanks guys. I'm also hoping painting will help me destress when I get back to work!

    Diplomat, it's "the Spinner", not Chel... Who is Chel? And careful what you say - you might get kicked out of your club (watch out for the Baron...).

    This club is choice!

    The Spinner

  5. But those chooks are a masterpiece!